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The game of life

In this world we live

Full of hate and violence

People cry for the lost of their young ones, never to be seen again.

Through the void of life, that hole where we dread to go.

Hearing their screams as they vanish.

When we look up in the sky, all we can see is stars and the clouds.

What lays behind we do not know,

It's what is within our souls that really matters

Life could all be but a game.

A game in which we are the pawns and everyday we make our move only for something to get in our way.

We can offen overcome what is laid before us, but now and then we feel as if we are in a checkmate position.

It feels as if we have nowhere to move, that our game is over.

But being strong as we are, we fight back and make our move.

We overcome the puzzle and live for another day.

This life we live could all be but a game in which Evil is our enemy.

Evil is the opponent we face, throwing all the bad at you, lies, deceit, drugs, racism, hate, discrimination to name a few.

But on the other hand we have our family's and friends.

Some people have a person they love.

We also have: Happiness, generosity, kindness, being helpful, love, manners to name but a few.

These are some of the good weapons we have that come from the soul.

So remember what ever weapon you decide to use in this game of life.

Could well determine how your game ends.